Notes from Cultural Roundtable meeting

The following are notes taken from the February 27, 2014 Cultural Roundtable meeting

1.   In attendance was:

       Andrew Redden

       Carol Feeney

       Jim Smith

       Isla Key

       Ian Acton

       Rachel Comeau

       Trevor Pross

       David Vanderlip

       Jennifer Rushlow

       Linda Lisle

       Harold Eastman

Regrets: Richard Hughes, Anne Munro, Rita Turtle, Mark Fluhrer

2.   Human Resources:

The Human Resources task team has been meeting (Mark, Jennifer, Linda, Andrew) and exploring the possibility, and feasibility, of a part-time Coordinator to help with the implementation of the Cultural Plan.  Funding may come from the three municipal partners and be matched by a Provincial Rural Economic Development (RED) Grant.   Jennifer and Linda have been looking into the RED Grant and according to Karen Fischer at the Ministry the proposal is eligible to be considered.  Any other sources of funding that someone might know of to help would be appreciated.

ACTION:Andrew asked that everyone consider providing a letter of support from their respective organizations to accompany a funding application.

While the Coordinator would serve the entire region, it is yet to be determined what organization would actually hire the Coordinator.  Options are being explored.  Trevor Pross noted the Belleville Public Library might be a possible “on paper” home for the Coordinator in the Fall of 2014.

Isla Key commented that Loyalist College could be approached.  There may be some assistance as staff help has been sourced through a program at Loyalist.  ACTION:  Andrew volunteered to contact Dianne Spencer.

3.   Heritage Organizations:

Richard Hughes was unable to attend the meeting, but provided a detailed report (see end of these minutes).  Richard’s efforts are much appreciated as his work relates to at least three recommended actions in the Cultural Plan including “Establishing a Regional Cultural Managers Network”.

4.   A Place for the Arts (Bancroft):

Andrew Redden reported that he was quite excited to see that a group in Bancroft have been working hard on a proposal to turn a vacant government property into a space for artists.  This relates to page 29 of the Cultural Plan where it recommends “Advance Cultural Facility Needs”.  Harold Eastman in attendance, and volunteer on the initiative, noted that meetings have taken place with municipal officials in Bancroft.  If approvals are received, it will commence as a six month pilot project.  Following insights acquired through that, volunteers will proceed with a longer-term sustainability plan.  It was suggested that Harold send any public information available to Carol Feeney to be included in an upcoming edition of the Umbrella.  Our Roundtable will keep tabs on this as it progresses, and Andrew noted that the Cultural Plan does advocate for such opportunities.

5.   Communications Group:

       Carol Feeney distributed minutes from a Sept. 17, 2014 meeting.  Anne Munro promised a logo that could be used.  ACTION: Andrew will follow-up with Anne;

       Carol noted she wrote a story about the Cultural Plan and Roundtable and it was published in the Umbrella;

       Carol proposes presentations to certain groups and organizations to promote the Plan, cover why it’s important and have ready a set of talking points that everyone can use.  The Roundtable discussed the opportunity, pre municipal elections, to find out where the candidates stand on support for the Cultural Plan and if they are willing to dedicate resources to support Arts and Culture in their respective communities.  Economic impact data is key to the selling of the Plan and getting candidates and officials in support.  A meeting of the of the Communications Group volunteers will be held later this Spring to develop the list of questions.  A list of questions and economic impact information will be vetted through the Cultural Roundtable prior to distribution to the candidates, the media and others;

         ACTION: A handout and/or power point slides should be produced that focuses on the “why” of the Cultural Roundtable and Plan;

       Some arts and cultural organizations on the Roundtable plan to approach candidates for municipal office and find out what their views are towards cultural planning and related work;

       ACTION: Carol will call an organization called “Work in Culture” to see if there’s any data they can provide.

6.   Other:

       Carol referred to the notes covering a get together of Arts Council representatives that took place by phone in early December, 2013.  A follow-up was a South Eastern Ontario Arts Council Network meeting which took place in Bancroft on January 26, 2014.  It brought members of the arts community together.  Carol plans to host the next meeting on April 14 in Belleville at the Library, 3rd Floor, from 10am to 4pm.  It involves sharing issues and very candidly things that they are up against.  Information on human resources, board job descriptions, governance and grants, among others, gets discussed.  No minutes are taken.  Karen Dolan from the Kingston Arts Council may speak to the group in the future.

7.   First 12 months review (for reference):

       Use existing website ( to promote Cultural Plan – happening but needs more updating and attention

       Take the inventory of cultural assets Greg Baeker provided and put into an interactive online map – needs to be done

       Establish a Roundtable of volunteers – done

       Establish a communications plan – done, but always needs attention

       Consider hosting “Creative Hastings-type” events in Belleville and Quinte West – not done yet but Hastings County has somewhat discontinued their events

       Establish a Regional Cultural Managers Network – not done in some sense, however, the work Richard Hughes is undertaking is related

       Create a Region-wide calendar of events – see online map and also the Bay of Quinte Tourist Council and Bancroft Chamber of Commerce hosts a calendar

       Bring Arts Council Representatives Together – done, see report from December 4, 2013 teleconference call.

Hastings County Historical Society Notes follow

A report to the Cultural Roundtable 

From:  Richard Hughes 

Subject:  A Project to Prepare a Directory of Heritage/History Organizations in Hastings County and to Develop Productive Relationships 

Background:  There exists in Hastings County a number of organizations, widely spread out geographically and functionally, which have as their goal the promotion of local history/heritage.  At this point in time, these organizations function in total independence, within their own spheres and with very little interaction.

The Historical Society has taken on a project to (a) identify these organizations, (b) assemble basic information on each of them, (c)  prepare a directory of Hastings County Historical Organizations and (d) to arrange actions and activities to promote productive relationships.

The Shape of the Directory: The directory will list the following information:  name, postal address, email address, website, phone number, contact person(s), contact person email, mandate/activity statement, facebook/twitter address, and does organization do research.  Currently the draft is being prepared as an Excel spreadsheet to allow flexibility for changes or addition of new organizations or of  headings.  It could equally be arranged as a handy booklet.

The Overall Plan:  This complete directory will be supplied to all participants.  But this should be only the first step in creating productive relationships between and among the history/heritage organizations.  The Historical Society is developing a longer term plan which would develop along the following lines:

1)       Create and circulate the directory

2)       Encourage all participants to share information on their activities, their public events, their holdings, including exchange of newsletters, flyers, posters, coming events, etc.  Hopefully, each organization would give some degree of coverage to the main activities of others through their newsletters, websites or email mailing lists.

3)       Arrange a low-keyed get-together of representatives of all organizations at a central point to meet each other, discuss their activities, problems, successes, plans for future and thereby create cooperative relationships. 

4)       In the longer term relationships could expand to joint programs and promotion efforts, publication of county-wide coming events, etc.

Timing: Currently the basic information has been assembled and provided to the participants to have all details verified.  This will be completed by the end of February.  This would provide sufficient basis for preparing the first “edition” of the directory.  It is anticipated that other organizations might be found and that other headings could be added to expand the information, but the flexible structure of the directory will allow for easy modification. 

The Current Organizations include (in alphabetical order):

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario – Quinte Region

Bancroft Mineral Club Mining & Mineral Museum

Belleville Public Library

Belleville Scouts-Guides Museum

Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County

Glanmore National Historic Site

Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment Military Museum

Hastings County Historical Society

Hastings County Museum of Agricultural Heritage

Heritage Belleville

Marmora Historical Foundation

National Air Force Museum of Canada

North Hastings Heritage Museum

O’Hara Mill Homestead & Conservation Area

Ontario Genealogical Society, Quinte Branch

OSD-SJW  Archives

Stirling-Rawdon Historical Society

Trent Port Historical Society

UEL Association of Canada, Bay of Quinte Branch